Abatement Color Coding

Numerous micro organism and virus threats and even organic weapons will present up on numerous gentle spectrums as totally different colours and if we now have sensors which might choose up these numerous colours then we are able to higher abate the scenario and alleviate the issue with out worry of lack of life or assaults on the human bio-system.

If we use abatement coloration coding with particular sensors we are able to know the place the clustering of the organic menace is after which ship out Nano Tech units of a micro-scale to every space of concern. Though we will be unable to see all this in motion we can see the adjustments in color hex map coding of sunshine to tell us that it’s both working or it’s not working.

Likewise this might help us know if it is secure to return or if people must be allowed to return into the world the place it’s both secure or not secure. Abatement color-coding is sensible for area operations, Nano Tech manufacturing, CDC virus management, navy functions and driving the world of issues which can be a plague to humanity and Third World international locations. Utilizing such high-tech strategies and abatement coloration coding, we might be able to ship in robotics cleanup {hardware} and management programs into an space after which watch the venture and the abatement happen from afar. Please contemplate this in 2006.

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