New, Quick, Non-Invasive Treatment Option for Tighter Skin

The FDA lately cleared Thermage®, a non-surgical process that tightens pores and skin to deal with indicators of getting old within the facial space. The process employs ThermaCool(TM), a patented Capacitive Radiofrequency (CRF) know-how. The managed ThermaTip(TM) distributes CRF power to the deep layers of collagen underneath the pores and skin, offering uniform warmth to the underlying tissue whereas maintaining the outer layer of pores and skin cool.

Some benefits of Thermage® as in comparison with the normal facelift:

* Thermage is a non-surgical process, which means that it’s fully non-invasive. That is in distinction to conventional facelifts, which contain making small incisions.

* The  flx process is right for these not able to commit themselves to the extra invasive facelift.

* The process takes much less time to carry out and get better from than the normal facelift.

* Thermage has additionally proven promising outcomes on the higher arm, inside thigh and stomach.

* Thermage is simpler and safer than conventional facelift procedures.

* Just one remedy is required to reap the total advantages of this patented process.

Thermage works by safely heating the deep layers of collagen underneath the pores and skin with the ThermaTip. This causes tightening and firming of the collagen and pores and skin.

With Thermage you aren’t solely lowering indicators of getting old, you might be additionally bettering the well being and elasticity of your pores and skin and collagen.


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